Easy Steps to Homemade Electricity Solutions

Published: 05th February 2011
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We live in times when the resources that we have for our use are various, but slowly on the road to decline. Those of us who realize this make efforts and do our bit to save for the future. Many of us, however, want to take initiatives, yet do not know how to go about it.

The simplest and most widely adopted method of reducing carbon emissions is producing homemade electricity. Since cost of living is only rising, it has become imperative to cut down on the expenses at least somewhere. A few simple steps and some careful planning can lead you to an effective way of saving costs as well as energy.

Step One: Evaluate Your Needs

The first step toward the initiative of saving is to understand the nature of your own consumption. Once you have evaluated how much electricity you or your household consumes, you can tap the necessary sources of producing that electricity. If you have electricity bills that cause you much grief every month, or if you have a conscience that drives you to search innovative or tested methods of doing something to save the planet, homemade electricity is the solution for your requirements.

Step Two: Build Your Own Solution

Once you are determined to produce electricity at home, it is not so difficult to set up you own solar or wind-generated electricity producing system at home. Many households use solar power for cooking. They save on the costs of using gas or electricity, while also enabling protection of the environment. Homemade electricity can also be produced easily at home. A little bit of effort goes into understanding the concept of how the power of wind is converted to electric power, with the use of windmills or wind turbines, and then follows the process of setting up the system. While people may feel that only those with large plots of land can use wind turbines in their homes, you may be surprised to note that several households are operating their homemade solutions for generating electricity out of their tiny little backyards. Windmills are the more traditional method and entail the use machines that are as less as three feet in diameter. Guidance is more freely available than imagined. The Internet is the easiest and most accessible means of information on the installation of the homemade system of producing electricity.

Step 3: Use Pre-Used Batteries

Along with the set-ups of wind turbines and solar methods of generating power, one can do a little more for the environment by using pre-used batteries. These are available at many companies who need to follow guideline and use batteries only up to a certain limit. Thereafter, they simply discard them. By obtaining these batteries, one can put them into use in one’s own homemade solution for producing electricity. Charging them on a homemade solution is also not a huge cost factor.


Homemade solutions to conserve energy and produce power are gradually on the rise. These are increasingly in sync with the global effort at reducing carbon footprints.

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